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Create looping playlists with your favorite YouTube videos



MyTube is a very odd app in terms of the type of features it offers. With it you can access the content from that behemoth video hosting site that is YouTube, but with the oddity of being able to create looping playlists that play as many times as you want.

People used to the official YouTube app will detect some differences in the interface, though they basically all come down to the fact that the official brand colors are missing. The integrated search tool lets you find any video hosted on YouTube to add to your playlists (as many of them as you want to create). All the added files can be arranged to loop separately, together from start to finish, or randomly. With the latter option playback doesn't start automatically, so if you want to listen to your favorite album continuously you have to do it in order.

You have to be logged into your channel to create new lists or add a file to a selection of favorites. MyTube also lets you manage your videos, and even upload videos straight to YouTube from your device.

The history saves your recent searches for quick access next time you open the app – useful indeed since MyTube can't play in the background, just like the official app it draws from. Still, unlike the YouTube app, the option to create loops makes it stand out from similar apps.
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